Flai TCT Saw Blades: Get the Best for Less!

Do you want the superior cutting and long lasting performance of world famous TCT saw blades?

Flai has made a name for itself within the industry due to the superiority of its saw blades. When you are working with expensive materials that could be easily ruined by a poor quality cutting blade, it just doesn't make sense to risk using inferior, mass produced saw blades.

When you buy Flai TCT saw blades, you can tackle even the priciest workpieces with the assurance that your cutting will be fast and accurate, time after time. No more having to replace cheapo saw blades frequently, either, because Flai blades are specially designed and manufactured to deliver up to five times the life of conventional blades.

If you aren't familiar with the Flai brand, a little pertinent info may be helpful to you and assist in your buying decision.


About the Flai Company

Flai has been involved in the making of circular saw blades for woodworking and more since 1973. Manufactured exclusively in Italy, Flai saw blades are distributed around the world.

These superior quality TCT, or Tungsten Carbide Tipped, blades are the perfect choice for cutting along the grain of hard, soft or exotic woods and getting a a good finish every time.

Flai TCT saw blades place a premium on safety and the original chip limiter on the body of the blade reduces the possibility of dangerous kicks caused by over feeding, which comes in especially useful when cutting knotty woods such as pine.

They're laser cut to produce highly resistant steels that are very rigid and much more stable. All Flai universal saw blades have expansion slots that allow them to absorb any possible deformations caused by centrifugal force and increases in temperature of the steel while working. By remaining straight, these innovative blades allow a more precise cut and longer performance.

Flai TCT saw blades also feature an anti kickback design that is appreciated by many tradies and DIY'ers alike.

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