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Demolition Time? Don’t Forget Your Concrete Saw

At, we have what you need if you are looking for a concrete saw, otherwise known as a demolition saw or demo saw. Other names for this power tool include a consaw and a road or slab saw.

A concrete saw must be made tough to tackle big, heavy jobs. It may be used to cut concrete, brick, tiles, masonry and asphalt, usually using a diamond cutting saw blade. We sell wet and dry demolition saws, with wet operation allowing for blade cooling to increase its longevity and also to reduce dust in the process.

Whatever heavy duty material you need to cut - stocks a concrete saw cutter that is just right for your job.

Why look for concrete saw hire when we have a range of concrete saws for sale from top brand names? You can save money on purchasing such internationally famous brand demolition saws as:

  • Husqvarna
  • Makita

Makita concrete saws are petrol powered and you may catch our special combo offer where the saw comes in a package deal with a bonus brushless grinder, complete with charger. Ask about our specials and combo deals.

We stock the popular Husqvarna K970 concrete saw which is actually a ring demolition saw. This concrete saw cuts to a depth of 270mm. Also in the range is the patented Husqvarna Soff-Cut® equipment, for early entry concrete sawing, and their Cut n Break system for deep diamond cutting up to 400mm at low tool cost.

Don't forget to order your safety equipment from us, too, for concrete cutting; safety glasses, hearing protection and a dust mask, especially when dry cutting the concrete. has thousands of high quality products at incredibly low prices, so start shopping now and save big on concrete saws and all of your other demolition needs!