Airco Fasteners and Tools, Australia

"Hardcore Tools for Hardcore Jobs" is Airco's proud and justified motto. Their fasteners and pneumatic tools have a reputation for toughness and strength, making them valuable additions to your toolbox.

The brand is well known and established in Australia and their equipment is built to withstand the local conditions. Quality is paramount, making Airco fasteners and installation equipment the choice of professionals across many industries when they are building to last.

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We stock a range of vital construction equipment that is versatile and durable for building in our rugged Australian conditions:

  • Airco compressor driven nail guns - available in straight finish, angled finish and framing nailer versions.Airco cordless riveter - a compact riveter that allows rivet installation where space and access is limited.Airco Coil Nailgun - a powerful, balanced unit with adjustable nail depth. We also supply the coils of galvanised nails for nailing decking, light pallets, crates and cases, plywood bracing, fencing and timber to steel. Airco secret floor stapler - an easy to handle, powerful stapler that inserts angled Airco staples for concealed installation of tongue & groove flooring and sub-flooring

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