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A well-known and highly regarded brand, Knipex is the world's leading manufacturer of quality pliers and associated tools.

The Knipex tools brand started in 1942 where two apprentices started a small forge for pliers in Cronenberg, Germany. Today, with a range of over 1,000 products, they supply over 100 countries. Knipex tools are made using high-quality materials and designed to provide high performance and good service life, with excellent ergonomics.

Knipex Pliers

As well as making it easier to add force through the principle of levers, Knipex pliers can also make it easier to work in awkward places.

With three main types of pliers, you need to ensure you have the right ones for the job:

  • cutting pliers: side cutters, front cutters, pinching pincers
  • gripping pliers: flat pliers, long-jaw pliers, water pump pliers
  • combined pliers: (for cutting and gripping) combination pliers, stork beak pliers, radio pliers

There are over 100 uses for pliers and special versions have been developed for very specific applications. These include Knipex side cutters, wrench pliers, nips, wire strippers, circlip pliers and water pump pliers.

If you are a construction worker, contractor, hobbyist or a DIY enthusiast, Knipex side cutters and wire strippers can prove to be handy tools when working different types of cable. Knipex tools dominate our ranges of specialist pliers - see our collections of multi grip, long nose and circlip pliers.


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At we stock the following Knipex Australia range:

Cable Cutters

Carpenters' Pincers

Circlip Pliers

Combination Pliers

Concreters' Nippers

Crimping Pliers

Cutting Nippers & Pliers

Gripping Pliers

Hack Saws

Insulated Tools

Pipe Cutters

Pipe Wrenches

Spare Blades

Specialty Pliers

Stripping Tools

Tool Lights

Tool Sets


Water Pump Pliers

We also stock Knipex pliers sets, so you will have everything you need in one handy case, as well as Knipex multigrips and combination pliers for general purpose use.

View full range of Knipex tools and side cutters online today, with our trusted easy purchase options.