Superior quality and an innovative product range are the reason MACC is an internationally renowned brand with over 40 years in the saw manufacturing industry.

Made in Italy, this premium range of metal cutting saws includes cold saws, friction saws, T.C.T saws, and bandsaws that are ideal for use in the most demanding manufacturing environments and are designed specifically for very high volume, continuous use. 


MACC are expert at manufacturing every kind of saw needed in the metal working and fabrication industry with manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic options available. With robust industrial-grade construction and superior cutting quality, MACC is top of a line quality metal cutting machine.

We have all types of superior metal cutting saws in our range including:

MACC Coldsaws – Circular saw machines that produce a fast, accurate and high-quality cut. Both the blade and material being cut remain cool when a coldsaw is used. They are well suited to cutting most ferrous and non-ferrous alloys and the blades can be sharpened multiple times when they become blunt.

MACC Bandsaws – Well suited to high-capacity metal cutting jobs, bandsaws can cut through large volumes of work quickly and easily, however, the cut is slightly less clean and precise than some other metal cutting saw options. When bandsaw blades become blunt, they will need to be replaced.

MACC Friction Saws – High-speed circular saws that use frictional heat to cut through metal. The heat generated melts through the metal, delivering a very fast cut. Friction saws are often used for cutting the most difficult materials, however, the blades do have a shorter life span than other saws.

MACC T.C.T Saws – A fast and precise circular saw that specifically suits non-ferrous metals such as aluminium, copper and brass. A tungsten carbide-tipped blade is used in these saws which provides superior strength and allows the saw to be operated at much higher temperatures to produce a faster cut.


We have MACC bandsaw and cold saw saw blades that are ideal for general-purpose cutting as well as specialised saw blades for the toughest metal-cutting jobs.

Our range includes speed face coldsaw blades which reduce friction and increase wear resistance as they cut. Cobalt coldsaw blades are another superior option featuring 5% cobalt content that enhances the hardness of the blades, making them an optimal choice for cutting hard materials that reach higher temperatures during the cutting process.

We also stock T.C.T saw blades which are tungsten carbide-tipped for superior cutting quality when working with non-ferrous metals.


No cutting saw is complete without synthetic metalworking fluid – we sell general metal and the aluminum particular working fluid in 5 litre and 20-litre capacities.

We also sell stands to suit your MACC cold saw, giving you the ideal working platform at a comfortable height to complete your metal sawing work.