Specialising in the measurement and transfer of fluids, as well as lubrication equipment, Macnaught have been market leaders in their field for more than 60 years. Their extensive range includes grease guns, flow meters, drum pumps and Retracta hose reels.

Macnaught world class products service the agricultural, transport, industrial and mining industries. Their equipment is associated with quality and durability, as well as design innovation and support excellence.

Choosing a Macnaught product affords peace of mind in terms of performance and reliability, even in the most demanding of situations.

Grease Guns and Greasing Equipment

Macnaught specialise in manual grease guns and air-powered grease guns, as well as transfer grease pumps. A full range of grease nipples as well as grease gun extensions and accessories is available online from


Lubemate by Macnaught - Retracta Hose Reels

The Lubemate range features fuel, fluid and lubrication equipment with the Macnaught backing and reliability. Retracta hose reels are stand-out equipment for handling grease, oil, air and water delivery applications. Welding gas hose reels are also included in the range, as well as reels and hoses that will support weedicide or pesticides.

With a superior positive latching mechanism, Retracta hose reels can function at any angle, allowing maximum convenience in mounting. Reliable and easy to use, Retracta reels keep hoses off the floors to maintain a secure workspace, whether it is a workshop, forecourt or factory floor.

Fuel Equipment and Flow Meters

Macnaught digital flow meters include the original M series which features oval gear meters to handle a wide range of fluids. Renown for exceptional levels of repeatability, M series flow meters are also extremely durable.

The latest MX series was developed to provide enhanced flexibility and high pressure operation. They include interchangeable pulse and direct mountable digital displays.

For fuel delivery, check out the range of battery, diaphragm and electric pumps, as well as storage tank kits.

Oil Equipment

The Macnaught range of oil equipment and accessories includes manual, air-powered, electric and diaphragm pumps as well as fluid and oil control guns. GTD carry a range of electronic, pulse and mechanical in-line oil flow meters. Oil dispensing systems are available as wall mounted units or mobile, trolley-based models.

Macnaught Accessories

Access accessories for oil equipment and greasing, online, as well as for Retracta hose reels. Fuel accessories and repair kits are also available.

See our Macnaught and Lubemate range at to make sure that you get the perfect tools for all fluid and lubrication applications.