Obtain Superior Accuracy With a High Quality Sola Spirit Level.

Meeting the need for highest precision, Sola have developed levels that remain consistent, even in the most demanding conditions. Professionals have been trusting this company for levelling equipment for many years. aim to supply the World's Best Spirit Levels, which is why we stock the Sola range. In fact, the Big Red has been designated the 'most accurate box beam level in the world', with maximum deviations less than 0.3 mm/m (0.017°, 0.0003in/in.)

To guarantee consistency of this incredible efficiency and precision across its range, Sola tests and adjusts each and every spirit level during their 100% quality inspection.

Not only is the Big Red our best selling spirit level, it is also one of the most rugged spirit levels available. The extra strong aluminium profile (890 g/m, 0.61 lbs/ft.) has reinforcing ribs to make sure it retains its shape and amazingly accurate functionality.

Sola have developed and patented their 'Focus' block vials, which allow faster, easier reading on each spirit level. They are made in unbreakable acrylic that includes a lens to provide 60% magnification of the bubble position, a great help in the workplace. A luminous backing assists even more in providing clarity when the lighting is low.

When you see the big red spirit level on site, you'll know that standards are high. Accuracy is achieved through a single milled measuring surface which has an anti-slip surface to allow it to grip in position. Protected by shock absorbing end caps, the level is easy to hold with one hand while marking, using the ergonomically designed handhold for comfort and stability.

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