Stanley Tools - Since 1843

For over 175 years, Stanley Tools have produced hand tools and storage products to help professionals all around the world. The Stanley Mission is to help people excel, through the use of their tools, and improve their work standard and conditions.

Starting from small beginnings in the USA in 1843, Frederick Stanley made high quality components out of wrought iron. Continuing the tradition of building toughness, innovation and power into their designs, today the Stanley Tool kit has a strong reputation for excellence and durability. These tools have been designed by working alongside tradespeople and implementing process improvement through tool functionality and performance. Ergonomics are considered to make the tools efficient, comfortable and easy to use.

Having merged with Black & Decker in 2010, the company has expanded into automotive tools, electronic security, healthcare, mechanical access, infrastructure, engineered fastening and more general hardware solutions. Several Stanley lines have set new standards for tools in terms of quality and functionality; the Bailey Plane, the Surform shaper, the PowerLock tape rule and the FatMax storage and measurement products. The Stanley tape measure is widely credited as being the best tape measure available, evident by the number of these seen around the workplace.

These innovations, along with continued evaluation and improvement of their standard product lines, make Stanley Black & Decker one of the very largest international providers of hand tools and general hardware solutions.

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