A global leader in manual soldering technology, the German company, Weller, supplies equipment that helps make a lasting connection.

Weller soldering irons are very highly regarded in industry as the choice of professionals. Wherever you see a Weller soldering station in Australia, you will know that the work produced will be reliable and of high standard. Weller is a preferred choice for the automotive, aerospace, military and medical industries, for circuit board assembly, repairs and metalworking.

Packed with innovation and quality, the Weller range of products provide excellent precision and professionalism without compromise. This translates to a decisive advantage when it comes to productivity and competitive edge. This is as true for the busy specialist as it is for the enthusiastic DIYer.

Allowing you to work quickly, effectively and economically, Weller soldering irons provide consistent results. This is mainly through their temperature preset and locking features of their heat control. When not in use, however, they automatically switch to standby mode after a specified time. This reduces energy consumption and prolongs the service life of the soldering tip.

Weller soldering kits contain everything needed in one handy case, including a Weller butane soldering iron for mobile soldering on site or anywhere outside of the workshop. With adjustable temperature control, the power is regulated to heat up the soldering tip rapidly - the secret to producing a good weld every time. Weller Butane gas refill cans are also readily available, online, when needed.

Tools.com stock a good range of Weller products online, alleviating the expensive and time-consuming process of importing Weller equipment directly from Germany. Electric and cordless gas soldering irons are available to order with the click of a mouse, Australia-wide, through our handy ordering system.

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