Diamond Tools

Diamond tools are a great addition to any tool box, whether you are a professional contractor or builder, woodworker or an enthusiastic DIY weekend warrior who loves to take on new home improvement projects and wants good tools to get the job done right. Properly maintained and cared for, diamond tools will provide you with many years of service.

What are Diamond Tools?

If you have heard of diamond tools and wondered if they really are made from diamonds, the answers is yes, they are. Diamond grains are affixed to the surface of a tool by using a bonding or other method. Since diamonds are super hard, they offer superior results as compared to other abrasives such as silicon carbide or corundum.

Advantages of Diamond Tools

What are the advantages of diamond tools? As mentioned above, since diamonds are such a very hard material---the hardest known material in the world, in fact---they provide superlative abrading action. In addition, they offer these advantages:

  • High strength
  • Very resistant to wear
  • Low friction coefficient

Taking all of these attributes into consideration, it is easy to see that diamond tools provide numerous benefits!

Uses for Diamond Tools

There are numerous uses and applications for diamond tools. For instance, here are a few of the jobs where you might use diamond tools:

Stone Processing Diamond tools are used in circular saw blades, diamond gang saws and diamond band saws to cut marble, granite and other stone blocks. In addition, shaped diamond tools are often used to process stone to a specific shape. You may also polish stone with resin bonded diamond polishing pads.

Building and Construction---Diamond tools such as Saw Blades, diamond core drill bits and some diamond grinding or polishing tools are frequently used in repairing highways and streets, renovating and modeling buildings and processing building materials for construction.

Woodworking---Many people use composite laminate flooring because it is durable, attractive and affordable. Diamond tools such as circular Saw Blades, profiling cutters, twist drill bits and others are used in the processing of composite laminate flooring.

Types of Diamond tools include Diamond Core Drills, Diamond Coring Bits, Diamond Demolition Saws, Diamond Floor Saws, Diamond Tile Saws and Diamond Grinding tools.

There are many other uses for diamond tools, too. They might be used in automobile spare parts processing, IT and home appliance spare parts processing, geological or project exploration, engineering ceramics processing, carbide tools and other mechanical tools processing and even in technologically advanced surgical tools such as scalpels.

Here you will find a wide variety of high quality diamond tools from the best known brands on the market today such as Husqvarna, Makita and more!