Safety Equipment

Safety equipment is sometimes not considered as important as other equipment on the job site, but the fact is that safety equipment is of equal - if not more - importance than any tools or other equipment being used whether you are a professional or a home DIY enthusiast. Maintaining and using the proper safety equipment needs to be second nature to anyone in the industry.

Among other things, safety equipment can help stop falls, block toxic fumes and prevent exposure to hazardous materials.

Safety Equipment to Prevent Falls

Did you know that experts say that approximately one-third of the fatalities that occur in construction work are due to falls? Wearing safety equipment such as harnesses and fall arrest systems can help to prevent death or serious injuries from falls in the workplace. These systems are especially important when the work involves being on steep roofs or other places with a vertical drop-off.

Safety Equipment to Protect Eyes and Face

Safety glasses and goggles are important pieces of safety equipment. There are a variety of job site hazards that can cause injuries to the face or eyes, such as:

Chemical splashes

Intense light

Flying debris

Personal safety equipment such as safety glasses, face shields and goggles can all help to prevent injuries. This is particularly important in work that includes welding, woodworking or grinding.

Safety Equipment to Protect From Toxic Fumes

When you or one of your employees might be exposed to toxic fumes or particles in your working environment, you should wear respirators. These pieces of safety equipment are essential to prevent disease and related problems. For instance, those that work with asbestos cleanup wear respirators to stop the small particles from entering their lungs, which can cause mesothelioma, a form of cancer.



Safety Equipment to Protect From Hazardous Materials

Any time that you and/or your employees might be exposed to bodily fluids, dangerous chemicals and other materials, safety equipment such as face shields, gowns, gloves and masks should be worn at all times to keep any of you from coming into contact with materials that may cause disease, chemical spills and blood-borne pathogens.

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Safety is a huge concern on the job and we can supply all of your safety equipment needs to help protect you.