Sinks & Taps

Sinks and faucets for caravans are necessary amenities for every caravan or motorhome. A caravan sink is a tiny, mobile sink that can be moved around and is built of lightweight materials to reduce the weight of the caravan. They often come with a drain, a detachable waste water container, and a tap or faucet.

Caravan taps are fittings that regulate the flow of water from a caravan's water supply. They are often referred to as faucets or spigots. They can have single or twin handles and come in a variety of designs and materials, such as chrome or plastic. For extra convenience, certain mobile taps also come with a retractable hose or a spray head. The pressure of the caravan's water system must be checked before buying and installing a replacement tap because caravan taps are normally made for low-pressure water systems.