Allen Keys & Hex Keys Sets & Torx Bit Sets & Tamperproof Bit Sets

Hex wrenches, sometimes known as Allen Keys or Hex keys. They are used to fasten allen key bolts and screws that have a hexagonal socket. These handy tools usually come in sets with a variety of sizes. Commonly made from steel, they come with long handles or screwdriver handles for ease of use. A T handle allen key is also common, for fast tightening. Folding sets of allen keys allow you to carry them around easily in your pocket for any size you may encounter. Hex keys are a valuable, very versatile tool that have an essential place in your tool box.


Available in both metric and imperial sizes, allen key socket sets range from mini to jumbo, with up to 10 or 11 keys or even 25 or 30 per set, often including a wrench to make their operation and use even easier.

Tamper proof and security bit sets were designed to overcome the extra challenges created by tamper proof fasteners. They are needed for automotive work, home appliance repair and many more applications where security may be an issue.

Torx, developed in 1967 by Camcar Textron, is the trademark for a type of screw head that is characterized by a six point star shaped pattern. Many people use the term ""star"", as in star screwdriver or star allen keys.

Also in this hand tool range are spline drives and square drives, as well as ball end allen keys and bits for drills.

These handy tools are made by the big name tool companies like Kincrome, Harden, Lisle, Stanley and 888. Also carried in our range are allen keys and hand fastener tool sets by Bondhus, Geiger, Supatool and Sidchrome. has a great selection of Allen key sizes and makes, as well as hex keys and torx bit sets, plus thousands of other high quality products at low prices---so shop now and save!