Audio Visual

The entertainment and information systems that are put in cars are referred to as vehicle audio visual systems. These systems come with a variety of parts, including screens, speakers, in Car TV, subwoofers, and Apple Car Players.

The audio system is made to output high-quality music from a variety of sources, including an MP3 player, smartphone, CD or DVD player, AM/FM radio, or satellite radio. To give the passengers a surround sound experience, the speakers and subwoofers are positioned in the vehicle.

Visual systems contain monitors that can be used to show videos or other video material, like LCD panels. For the benefit of occupants in the back seats, these displays can be placed in the dashboard, the headrests, or even the roof.

The inclusion of features like Bluetooth connectivity, navigation, and hands-free calling in many vehicle audio/visual systems also enables drivers to remain amused and linked while driving.