Belt Sanders

How to use a Belt Sander - A Productivity Power Tool for Cleaning and Resurfacing

Providing a helping hand to workers all over the world since they first came on the scene, belt sanders are power tools that can be used to sand wood or other materials. They work on the surface quality of the material to rub off coatings or wear it down to produce a final, workable finish.

A belt sander has an electrical motor and that motor turns a pair of drums on which is mounted a seamless loop of sandpaper. With belt sizes ranging from 75 to 100mm, it is this paper that shaves, shapes and finishes the article to which it is applied.

Two main different types of belt sanders are available:

  • Hand Held Belt Sanders

    The sanding tool is moved over the material being finished. This type is great to use to remove paint or finish from wood to restore a smooth surface.
  • Fixed or Bench Belt Sanders

    The material is moved across the sanding belt. This type works better than grinders for removing cloggy, non-ferrous metals like aluminium.

Specialised belt sanders can undertake a variety of jobs on various materials and save you untold hours of hand sanding:

A tube belt sander can achieve anything up to a mirror finish on stainless steel tubing, wrapping the sanding belt around the tube by an angle 270 degrees for fast, efficient results.

An electronic band file can be used to grind wood, metal and other materials in tight places. The grinding attachment swivels by 270 degrees for a clean finish in angled places. offers a fine selection of models from such reputable brands as HiKOKI, Metabo and Makita belt sanders. When you shop online with, you save time and money!

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