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When you need a ladder, whether it be an industrial ladder or step ladder, workplace safety demands that you go with a brand known and trusted for strength and durability - Gorilla ladders deliver!

Falls account for a high percentage of on the job injuries and deaths. When you or your employees are working at heights such as roofing, guttering and a multitude of other tasks that require going considerably above ground ladder, you need ladders that will work to ensure maximum safety; minimizing the risk of falls as much as possible.

By forging an international reputation for innovative design and durability, Gorilla’s wide range of extension, multipurpose and platform ladders lead the way in quality, safety and functionality. They are a company that are dedicated to excellence in all its products.

Gorilla ladders are manufactured in the largest ladder manufacturing plant on earth, to Australian & New Zealand Standards. They are a major force in the international market, providing ladders online and in-store throughout the world.

Gorilla manufactures a variety of ladders, something for every application. Whether you need an industrial ladder for the workplace, or just want a good, sturdy step ladder for your home, you can count on Gorilla ladders to have something that fits the bill.

Tools.com & Gorilla Ladders

Tools.com is Australia's One Stop Shop for all your tool and industry needs, including a full line of high quality Gorilla ladders online with prices that won't send you into sticker shock.

Here are some of the types of Gorilla ladders available for your use:

  • Double Sided Industrial Ladder
  • Fiberglass Double Sided Step Industrial Ladder
  • Dual Sided Domestic Ladder
  • Dual Sided Industrial Ladder
  • Dual Purpose Fiberglass Industrial Ladder
  • Extension Ladder
  • Extension Fiberglass Ladder
  • Fiberglass Platform Industrial Ladder
  • Multi Purpose “Mighty” Ladder
  • Order Picking Industrial Ladder
  • Single Builders Ladder
  • Single Sided Domestic Step Ladder
  • Single Sided Industrial Step Ladder

And More

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