ITM - Quality Industrial Tools

Australian owned and operated ITM supplies heavy duty machinery and equipment that is well known for reliability and durability.

Bandsaw Machines carry the most popular ITM industrial bandsaws. Their swivel heads allow them to be used for both horizontal and vertical cutting. With a quick-positioning swivel vice, cuts can be made from 0 to 45 degrees in all different materials, with variable blade speeds. There is also a semi-automatic model and an industrial heavy duty bandsaw machine in the range carried by

Bevelling Machines

These include portable mandrels, stationary fixed automatic machines and manual or automatic feed plate bevellers. ITM have bevelling machines suitable for steel pipe diameters ranging anywhere from 32mm to 1,000mm. Bevelling accessories are available from, including guide rollers and tool bits.

Drilling Machines

The ITM drill press range includes the popular geared head mill drill, as a bench or floor standing pedestal machine. Drill vices, drillmate collars, foot pedals and rack clamp kits are available as accessories to drill presses.

Grinding Machines

The popular grinding machine range includes belt grinders and bench grinders as well as pipe notcher equipment.

Measuring Tools

This range includes angle finders, digital and magnetic spirit levels, carpenters squares and sound level meters.

Metal Cutting Saws carry ITM metal cutting saws for all applications, including friction bandsaws, portable metal saws, cold cut TCT saws and friction saws. There are stands and blades for the saws, too, in the accessories range.

Storage Products

This comprehensive, modular range includes heavy duty metal cabinets, with mobile bases available, as well as shelving, parts bins and tool carts.

Welding Carriages

These European made welding carriages are suitable for basic hand welding, as well as programmable machines and those suitable for gas welding operations. Call us for more info on the Gecko, Dragon and Lizard welding carriages. also carry ITM:

  • air hoses
  • bandsaw blades
  • fans & ventillation
  • parallel clamps
  • punches, dies & shears
  • saw accessories
  • toggle clamps
  • vices
  • welding clamps

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