Comprehensive Range of Unimig Welders and Equipment

For the full range of welding machines and equipment, consult our Unimig product pages. We stock Unimig MIG and TIG welding equipment, gas and plasma cutting equipment as well as purpose-made protective clothing and apparel.

Australian-made, Unimig's Razorweld and Razorcut units, as well as their Viper range, are innovative and high quality industrial grade machines.

  • The ARC 180 Razorweld is a robust, all purpose inverter-based welder. Well powered, it provides high quality MMA welding for cast iron and stainless steel. The unit can be adapted into a highly competent DC TIG welder, further expanding its great flexibility.
  • The Razorweld 175 Series also provides amazing functionality, performing both gas shielded and gasless wire MIG welding as well as being an MMA machine. This 240V single-phase unit is perfect for moderate, general use.
  • The sturdy Unimig 250 K allows for MIG, MMA and TIG use, making it the best, multifunctional welding equipment available. It is also designed for both gas shielded and gasless MIG welding.
  • The Razorweld 200 AC/DC is a low cost single-phase welder with great features. Portable and easy to setup, this reliable welder is digitally controlled, allowing it to cope with AC TIG welding on even the thinnest aluminium and also for stainless steel.

A full range of Unimig MIG welder guns and TIG torches are also available on our website, as well as kits, clamps and connectors. Tools.com can supply electrodes and welding wire for all your needs, as well as the popular wire feed unit for easy setting and adjustment.

Protective safety wear, including Unimig welding helmets and auto-darkening goggles, allow you to work unhindered and concentrate on laying down quality welds using this world class range of equipment.

Leaders in welding and cutting technology, Unimig have a product for every situation from DIY enthusiast to full scale industrial welding.

Backed by our warranties promise, you can order online and pick up your Unimig equipment in store or arrange door to door delivery.