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Looking for Brickie or Wire Brushes?

Are you shopping around for brushes, either brickies brushes or wire?

Brushes serve a very important function on the job site or for DIY'ers who like to tackle home improvement products and want to have the right tools and equipment to work with in order to do a great job.

Cleaning such surfaces as brick and various types of metal would be tough sledding without the appropriate brushes for the application.

There are basically two types of brushes in the workplace:

  1. Wire Brushes
  2. Brickies Brushes

Brickies brushes are more or less self explanatory - they are used by bricklayers to clean brick and create an attractive finished product for a wall, building or whatever is being bricked. Trying to clean brick without a good, sturdy brickies brush would be time consuming to the max and you need an actual brush with bristles to scrub and clean thoroughly.

Wire brushes have several applications. They are mainly used for abrasive purposes such as removing paint or rust from a surface. For example, wire brushes might be used in an automotive application to remove excess battery corrosion.

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