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Concrete Grinding: An Easy Way to Tackle a Hard Job

Concrete grinding can solve a multitude of problems.

For example, if there is a sidewalk or other concrete floor or surface that has buckled and heaved due to inclement weather, using a concrete grinder to smooth and level it back out is the fastest, easiest way to get the job done.

While using a concrete grinder does require work, you don't have to hire a pro if you have a concrete or other surface that needs to be leveled and smoothed. In fact, a lot of Weekend Warrior DIY enthusiasts own floor grinders, angle grinders or a concrete grinder and are adept at using them. That being said, many professionals use concrete grinders on the job and these machines are marvels of efficiency; making short work of what would otherwise be lengthy, arduous projects.


About Concrete Grinding & Concrete Grinders

Concrete grinding is a loose, generic term for various functions. While a concrete grinder can and does grind concrete, it also possible to grind marble, stone, granite and other materials. There are several types of concrete grinders.

Here are some of the various types of concrete grinders available today:

  • An angle grinder that is hand held is often used to smooth and level counter tops or other work tops and surfaces.
  • Purpose built floor grinders are used to smooth, level and polish floors of concrete, marble, granite and more.
  • Heavy Duty concrete grinders for big jobs such as concrete pavement and similar undertakings.
  • Shrouded angle grinders have a specific use in particular applications, including removing glue and paint from concrete. Most of the shrouded angle concrete grinders come complete with a dust bag.
  • Multi-headed concrete grinders are the stuff if you have a very large area to work on. Generally speaking, these are normally used to remove smallish flaws and imperfections in concrete.

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