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Ready to embark on an adventure across the vast expanse of Australia in your caravan or camper? Don't let an unreliable power source hold you back from experiencing the thrill of the journey. With the DC MONT LiFePO4 battery you'll have the power needed to keep going no matter how far off the beaten path you roam. This LiFePO4 battery is an absolute powerhouse delivering twice the power of its lead-acid counterparts while also saving you weight. The advanced BMS allows it to handle a max continuous discharge of 100A and can even provide a pulse discharge current of up to 200A (≤5S). That means you can power everything from pizza ovens to hair dryers and beyond without breaking a sweat. But the DC MONT 12V lithium battery isn't just strong and durable – it's also incredibly cost-effective. With a life cycle of 2 000 rounds this 12V rechargeable battery will outlast many lead-acid batteries on the market giving you exceptional value for your investment.

Double the Capacity: Our 12V lithium battery features 92% round-trip efficiency and delivers twice the power of lead-acid batteries.
Extended Lifespan: Our 12V lithium ion battery lasts up to 2 000 rounds which is multiple times longer than lead-acid batteries.
Quality BMS: Our high-quality BMS offers a max. continuous discharge current of 100A optimizes every cell and monitors the performance of the LiFePO4 battery.
Stay in Control: Keep track of your 12V rechargeable battery's charge level and voltage anytime with the built-in volt meter.
Power Your Needs: With a 200A(≤5S) max. pulse discharge current our LiFePO4 battery can power high-power appliances like pizza ovens and hair dryers.
Quick Recharge: Our 12V lithium ion battery recharges much faster than traditional lead-acid batteries due to its lower internal resistance.
Long Shelf Life: This DC MONT LiFePO4 battery has a low self-discharge rate which means it can be left unused for longer periods of time.
Wide Temperature Range: Our 12V rechargeable battery works great between -10℃ and 45℃ making it a reliable choice for wider temperature ranges.
Unleash Your Power Potential: Maximize appliance performance and get more done by connecting 2 batteries in parallel or 4 in series.
Lightweight and Portable: At less than half the weight of equivalent lead-acid batteries our 12V lithium battery is easy to carry and transport.

Nominal Capacity:135Ah
Cycle Life:2 000 Cycles
Recommended Charge Voltage:14.6V
Max. Charge Current:50A
Max. Discharge Current:200A(5S)
Max.Continuous Discharge Current:100A
Max. Modules in Series:4 Identical Batteries
Max. Modules in Parallel:2 Identical Batteries
Standard Operation Temperature:255C
Charging Temperature:0℃~45℃
Storage Temperature:-10~45℃
Package Size:40.5cm x 24.2cm x 27.8cm
Gross Weight:11.6kg

1 x DC MONT Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery
2 x Bolts
2 x Lock Washers
2 x Flat Washers
1 x User Manual

2 Years Warranty
Model # DC-LFP-BLK-135-SUN
Barcode # 9356307008746
Brand DC Mont
Shipping Weight 13.8400kg
Type Automotive Accessories

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