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Bore Drill Bits          

With four flutes and a screw tip, bore drills cut perfectly into hardwood. A cutting spur makes a smooth, clean finish with minimal break out on through holes. Much faster than spade bits, they are designed to efficiently eject chips as they drill down into the wood.

Cobalt Bits   

Cobalt steel drill bits can withstand higher drill temperatures without loss of cutting ability. This makes them more durable when used for drilling mild steel and other metals, though slightly more expensive than regular bits.

Countersink Bits    

Sometimes just called a countersink, or referred to as a screw pilot bit, this is a speciality bit for wood drilling. Its point acts to make a pilot hole before the head countersinks or counter bores the material to allow for seating of the fastener head.


Double Ended HSS Drill Bits      

These bits have a double lifetime, having two tips and flutes, and are used for drilling steel, plastics and non-ferrous metals.

Forstner Bits           

For drilling smooth, clean holes in wood, these bits have a pilot point for positioning and angled blades that keep the hole from splintering. Forstner bits are expensive, but provide the best finish, with high precision.

Hex Drills      

Hexagon bits are more difficult to centre than drills with round shanks but less likely to slip, hence they are better for drilling into very hard materials.

High Speed Steel Bits       

High speed steel drills are used primarily for drilling iron, steel, alloys and plastic, but can be used with care for small holes in wood, if necessary. Elements like chrome and vanadium are added to carbon steel to allow high speed operation.

HSS Step Shank Drill Bits            

When drilling through thin material, like sheet steel, plastic sheets or even wood, an HSS step shank drill bit will make an easy hole of any diameter without pilot drilling. It can also be used for deburring and clearing away waste material from holes.

Long Series Drill Bits        

With a much longer flute and overall drill bit length, long series bits allow for drilling of deeper holes than with standard drills.

Masonry Drills         

Masonry includes brick, concrete and stone and specialised tungsten carbide cutting edges are required for drilling into these materials. Usually used with a hammer drill, these bits are often SDS type, rather than round, to assist with the hammer action.

Multi Construction Drill Bits        

When drilling many different materials at one time, multi construction bits are the best performers. Cutting easily into almost all types of material, their multi-purpose ground tip drills quickly and efficiently, removing chips on the way.

Spade Bits   

For drilling large holes in metal or making stepped holes, spade bits, or inserts, are loaded into the spade drill tool holder which usually is flushed with coolant to reduce friction whilst cutting. Spade bits for wood are also available, though they need to be handled carefully to prevent splintering.

Square Power Drill Bits    

Engineered for extreme durability, these power bits are made from heat treated steel with a forged tip for extra hardness and secure grip whilst drilling.

Stepped Drills         

Also known as Unibits, these conical shaped bits can be used to drill a range of hole sizes in softer and thinner materials, without the need for a pilot hole. Stepped drill bits are used for drilling laminates, particle board, plastics, plasterboard, sheet metal and soft woods.

Torx Drill Bits          

Torx screws, which have six-pointed star-shaped heads, are found on cars, bikes, motorbikes, computers and other electronic items. Initially for tamper resistance, they have evolved further since becoming more popular to provide additional security.

Wood Augers          

With long, deep spiral flutes and sometimes even a hollow centre, auger bits are designed to bore into wood whilst efficiently removing sawdust and chips as they go to create a clean hole.


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