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Amazing Duct Tapes & Its Many Uses

Duct tape, duck tape, gaffer tape...whatever you choose to call it, this tape is truly remarkable and in use all over the world for all sorts of things!

There have been scads of jokes made about duct tape, as well as books written on the subject, believe it or not. Yes! You can actually buy books about duct tape! But, seriously, duct tape really is an amazing product with almost limitless applications.

This strong and versatile tape is a must-have on many job sites and workshops. In addition to its use on the job, there are probably very few homes in the civilized world that don't have a roll of the stuff stashed away in a cabinet or drawer to be handy when needed.

If you are wondering how this popular tape came to be, read on for a brief history of duct tape.


History of Duct Tape

Who invented duct tape? And why? Well, here is the lowdown on duct tape and how it came to be invented.

In the beginning, back around the turn of the last century, “duck tape” was simply long strips of cotton duck cloth and was used for decorating clothing, strengthening shoes and for wrapping steel cables and electrical wires to protect them from corrosion and wear. In 1902, for instance, the steel cables that support the famous Brooklyn Bridge were saturated with linseed oil and then wrapped in duck tape before being put into place.

Duct tape was even used in the making of venetian blinds for windows and many other various and sundry applications.

The Revolite division of Johnson & Johnson began making medical adhesive tapes from duck tape starting in 1927. Later, during WWII, duck tape was used extensively in the military.

Nowadays, duct tape is still very popular and very much in use.


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