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Premium Quality Electricians Tools

It is important to have the correct electricians tools when doing any kind of electrical work. Quality, well made hand tools are required to ensure safety on site and Tools.com has a great range of electricians tools, including several kits and carrying equipment.

Every tradesperson has to make the decision about what tools to carry, being prepared for any eventuality whilst not being weighed down by unnecessary additional items in their electricians tool bag or tool belt.


Well-designed, ergonomic hand tools can make a job much easier and multi-purpose tools can definitely earn their place in an electrician's tool bag.

Where required, cordless power tools are lighter and easier to manage than they used to be, proving invaluable to the electrician in many situations.

A list of tools for electricians would definitely include most of the following items, all available at great prices from Tools.com:

Pliers, including:

  • Needle nose pliers - for holding or picking up small components
  • Side cutting pliers - for cutting wires to size at terminations
  • Channellock pliers - for tightening fittings

Wire stripping and crimping tools for terminations, including pocket strippers or automatic wire strippers that are easier and faster to use, a versatile crimper and supplies of crimping terminals.

An electrician's tool set of insulated screwdrivers, nut drivers and including a stubby screwdriver which is indispensable when there is limited space.

A folding utility knife, or electricians knife, and electricians scissors are additional useful electrician's tools.

For making holes in panels and junction boxes, or where required, a step drill bit makes the job easier and a hole saw kit is best for PVC boxes.

Other electricians tools and test equipment include a voltage detector, stud finder and laser level and laser distance measures.

If soldering is required, tools and accessories will include an electrical or butane soldering iron. Tools.com stock complete solution soldering kits and equipment by quality brand names including Weller.

Don't forget the important accessories like power boards, plugs and fuses, PVC tape and cable ties.

Most importantly, every electrician's tool bag should include a headlamp to allow hands free work, knee pads for comfort and the all-important safety goggles and gloves.

With careful selection and packing of a specially designed electricians tool belt, the organised tradesman can enjoy easy tool carrying and access while working, making every job faster and easier.

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