Heated Jackets

Heated Jackets From Reputed Brands

We have all been there, early on a winter's morning, waiting for the boss with teeth chattering, dreaming of somewhere warm. Heated jackets are created for moments just like that, where a normal jumper just doesn't cut it. A heated work jacket takes your car heater with you, and allows you to stay warm while you work.

How Heated Jackets are Different

A heated jacket is not only using the warmest materials, and insulating your own body heat, but also generating its own heat. Using a small battery, heated jackets generate warmth in a number of areas, to make winter mornings at work a little bit easier. No other work jacket will cut it after you have tried the incredible comfort found with heated jackets.

What to Look For

On the outside it might be hard to tell heated jackets apart. Heated work jackets come in all shapes and sizes, with some being water proof, other are hi-vis, and some heated jackets can be worn in meetings. Some things to look for when buying a heated jacket is below:

  • Battery life
  • Battery size
  • Number of heat panels
  • Jacket material

Heated Jackets in Australia are an essential in winter and making the right decision are key in enjoying those colder mornings. Bigger brands create some of the better options including the Milwaukee heated jackets and Bosch heated jackets. These jackets have a good battery life and will definitely keep you warm.

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