Husqvarna Mowers



Get the Perfect Cut with a Husqvarna Mower have an extensive range of domestic and commercial Husqvarna model mowers of all types, for different applications.

Available models include Husqvarna Ride On Mowers, Zero Turn Mowers, Garden Tractors, Front Deck Mowers and a full range of Walk Behind Lawn Mowers.

Husqvarna products cover a wide range of mowing options and different cutting methods. Whatever your application, a Husqvarna mower provides you with first class results. Designed for ease of use, this equipment makes lawn mowing a breeze for even the toughest of jobs.

The History of Husqvarna

Established in 1689, the Husqvarna Company has been in existence for more than 325 years, priding itself on innovation and quality.

Taking their name from the Huskvarna waterfalls in southern Sweden, which were then spelt as Husqvarna, the company used hydroelectric power to make weapons during the various wars across Europe at the time. Their product range adapted through the years to include sewing machines, stoves, motorcycles and, most recently, their current range of outdoor power products.

Which Mower ?

Your choice of Husqvarna model will depend on the size of land you need to maintain. have models for every application, from home use to large, professional tractor style machines. There are also accessories for all models including front and rear catcher, etc.

For gardens and smaller properties, a compact mower from our Consumer range allows for good manoeuvrability without any compromise on performance. These smaller machines are the best choice for you, giving you a great cut every time, when you keep them in good condition.

Providing commercial quality and high performance, our Professional and Semi-Professional machines give durable and reliable results for even large areas that you can rely on, whatever the scale of the job.

Click on these links for more information about each product in the Husqvarna mower range:

  • Ride On Mowers / Riders
  • Zero Turn Mowers
  • Lawn Mowers
  • Front Mower
  • Garden Tractors
  • Robotic Lawn Mowers


Ergonomically designed to reduce the risk of strain or injury, Husqvarna machines allow you to turn, ride and mow comfortably and efficiently. With their focus on usability and safety, you will be glad you purchased a Husqvarna Mower.