The Versatile Value of Jigsaws

Often underappreciated, jigsaws are a great addition to any workshop or tools collection. When making things, they are safe, accurate and easy to use for making straight and curved cuts, vertically or at an angle of up to 45 degrees. This versatility extends to the materials they can be used upon: plastics, wood, plywood and even for cutting shapes in metals and ceramic tiles.

When a table saw won't cut curves, there are only three workshop tools that can do so; scroll saws, bandsaws and jigsaw tools. Whereas a scroll saw is a specialist tool for cutting spiral lines and patterns, the jigsaw is more versatile and useful. It is also much more affordable than a bandsaw.

The reciprocating saw blade of the jigsaw is unsupported at one end, but the cutting blade remains beneath the work piece so it is away from the fingers. A smooth cut is obtained by keeping the base, or shoe, of the jigsaw resting against the work piece and selecting a good cutting speed that is not too fast on the curves.

A jigsaw tool is also able to cut holes and inside shapes. Once a pilot hole has been drilled, the jigsaw blade is dropped down into the hole and it is ready to cut out the insert.

As well as electric jigsaws, cordless jigsaw tools are available for mobile working. Different configurations include barrel or body grip and top handle or D handle models. Some tools have electronic controls and there are also heavy duty jigsaws available online, if required. Look for value sets of 3, 6 and 13 piece combos which include jigsaws.

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Most jigsaws have variable speed settings, to prevent burning while cutting some materials too quickly. This is controlled by a dial or a squeeze of the trigger on the jigsaw's handle. Some units have the option of orbital blade action, to pivot the blade backwards and forwards for faster, more aggressive cutting where a good cut finish is a lesser requirement.

A range of specialist jigsaw blades is available, as well as additional protective guard plates and glasses. Attachments for jigsaws include a guide rail, circle cutter and parallel cutting attachment. Tools.com also stock holders to integrate a jigsaw into a bench, as well as specially designed frames and tables that will accommodate them safely.

If you need the versatility of a jigsaw, take a look at the premium, name brand electric jigsaws available from Tools.com online today.