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How to Buy Ladders That Decrease Workplace Accidents

Did you know that falls are one of the most frequently occurring workplace accidents, and that knowing how to buy safe and sturdy ladders can go a long way toward decreasing incidents and even fatalities?

Safety on the job site - and around the home place, as well - is vitally important. Many a routine project has turned to tragedy due to using unsafe equipment. Since falls account for a high percentage of these accidents, understanding what to look for when buying a ladder can help to avoid incidents.

There are a variety of types and brands making a wide range of ladders available on the market today, for both light domestic use and heavy duty. Regardless of what type of application you have in mind that requires a ladder, you will be better able to make an informed buying decision if you have a clear idea about how to go about buying one that will promote safety.

There are two main Ladder Manufactures:-

Bailey Ladders

Gorilla ladders

Tips for Buying Ladders

Bearing in mind that specific tasks might require specific ladders, here are some handy hints about how to buy ladders that are safe and sturdy:

  • Aluminum ladders should have rubber or plastic feet for extra grip and stability
  • When using for electrical work, buy fiberglass ladders only
  • A step ladder should be no more than 20' tall
  • An extension ladder shouldn't measure more than 60'
  • Straight sindle ladders should never be more than 30' high
  • Check duty ratings that tell you how much weight a certain ladder can bear, as well as its level of usage
  • Slip resistant steps or rungs on ladders reduce accidents and falls
  • Ladders with a flared base are safer and have more stability
  • Adjustable and aluminium extension ladders should have solid locking mechanisms

Now that you have picked up a few pointers about how to buy ladders that are safe and secure, you might appreciate a few tips about how to use step ladders and platform ladders for maximum safety.


Tips for Using Ladders

  • Carry your tools and materials in a pouch, belt or apron instead of carrying them when climbing a ladder
  • Never use a ladder on snow, ice, or other slippery or slick surfaces
  • Double check to make sure locks are secure on adjustable or extension ladders
  • Never use a ladder in extremely windy weather
  • When using a step ladder, check that it is fully open and hinges securely locked
  • Don't lean off the side of a ladder
  • Place a ladder on a level, solid surface
  • When climbing a ladder, face the front and use both hands

Observing these tips can greatly increase workplace safety!

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