Our purpose is 'To bring the world’s best tools to you !'

Since launching globally we are challenging the way tools, automotive and safety is sold. As the globally leading e-commerce destination, our e-commerce platforms (Retail, Marketplace and Services) provide a seamless and  inspiring end-to-end customer experience through our own technology innovations. We aim to become the benchmark for expectations of setting customer service, delivery options, returns policies, and curation of brands and products you need.

With key office hubs in various part of the world is a diverse and dynamic community of people working towards our purpose “To bring the world’s best tools to you”., everyday is generating a positive impact in the world by driving genuine and meaningful change for the better of all of our customers. The expectations of our customers sets the standard to what we seek to exceed and serve as the foundation of our core beliefs and goals.

Our team are trusted and empowered to do their best work everyday and we create a workplace environment where from day one you are part of a team of which all of the pieces deliver the goals.

With incentives and benefits we hire with the aim of developing the role, and the person for creating a lifelong position that’s always engaging and always exciting.

The key directive of the companies founder is to be all things customer and always see if from their eyes.  With this in mind it also brings with it constant change and new benchmarks that we seek to achieve and we want you to take the lead and provide creative solutions and workarounds that deliver even higher levels of service our customers live for.

We collaborate and trust, with the common goals of improving and doing things better than we did the day before and to exceed all of our competitors at a minimum. In summary we want you to work for us if you constantly strive to research and focus on delivering the best version of yourself for us.

Our teams operate in a number of key fields that generate employment opportunities;


Onboarding, Buying, Planning

With over 1000 brands and growing every product is a million dollar opportunity and as such planning the product into our promotional system, presenting it correctly, pricing it to meet the market expectation and ensuring every detail is correct. On boarding the product via various systems from our dashboards to csv sheets no stone is left unturned in getting that product live to the satisfaction of vendors and customers.


Customer Experience Team

Our service team loves to make our customers happy, whether by phone, email, chat or social media. The team loves our customers and wants to meet their needs and exceed them. They are creatively empowered to resolve situations that our customers may experience. Based in 4 locations we seek both standard operators and people who seek a career in service who maybe experts in Tools, Safety, and Automotive aftermarket. These locations being Australia, Sri Lanka, United States and United Kingdom. Positions will be advertised from time to time.


Fulfillment & Operations

With thousands of orders being processed everyday the fulfillments teams job is to get the product to the customer. Chasing vendors, tracking  shipments and pushing the envelop is all about service of the customers’ orders. Our fulfilment team has some amazing challenges everyday as it’s all about speed. From project management to reducing risk , this team exceeds management’s expectations every day.


Marketing, Media & Production

Building a brand takes passion, commitment and accepting the highest level of outcomes only. The modern e-commerce world sets new levels of customer engagement and many new paths to review to take. Some which work and some which don’t. We take risks because we want growth so some decisions will be only made with appropriate data, others that unite creativity with a gut feeling it’s the right way to go. With already over a million stories that could be told we need strategists, tacticians, and above all else marketeers that like to do it themselves. We have one big extra challenge and that’s to do it all globally.


Tech & Platform

We want one thing everyday from our team, innovation enabling the perfect customer experience. You maybe a design engineer, Data Scientist, UX designer or overall operations and cyber experts this team is empowered to set new disruption areas in motion to bring powerful experiences to end users.