Redemption Offers


Redemption offers are special extra product incentives offered by major famous brands for a limited time to incentivise the purchase of their item.

The offer changes often and the bonus offers can have really high value like a bonus product or an accessory like an extra battery.

These offers are shown on eligible products with a “bonus” or “free” extra product redemption label on the product image. You can also see offers by brand by following the menu directions.

Some redemption offers will require a certain amount spent on that brand to obtain the bonus or free item.

Your invoice provides proof of purchase the brand needs that you have purchased to that requirement.

The free product is shipped from the manufacturer separately directly to you after proof of purchase has been provided.

Whilst some brands do it the moment they receive your proof of purchase others ship each quarter etc and you should refer any queries for the bonus item you should have received to them.

Redemption offers are controlled by the brand and some do have some extra terms and conditions so please review these if you have time.



To redeem your free product, go to the brand’s website and fill in the online form with your details and proof of purchase (you will need to supply a copy of your receipt/invoice). Once the supplier has received and processed your request they will send the free product directly to you. Keep in mind that there is a limited time after the promotion has ended for you to redeem your free product. After this time period applications will not be accepted. Some product offers have limitations on the bonus item quantity or provide you a choice of options that you will need to select your priority item.

If they let you down or you believe you haven’t been treated correctly on a  redemption come back to us and we will work with you to obtain the bonus item.

You can find the various brand's redemption pages below, as well as in the redemption offer description on the product page, and in banners.


If you would like us to process your redemption our customer service team is happy to do this click here to have us do it for you.


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