Sustainability is committed to conducting business in an ethical and environmentally responsible manner. We respect and support human rights, and continue to drive sustainable initiatives to improve our environmental performance and reduceour impacts where we operate



Tools.comis determined to lower our energy usage, and reduce associated greenhouse gas emissions resulting from our business operations.We have lowered our energy usage and associated greenhouse gas emissions within stores andoperations byuse of solar energy. And we continue to drive programs that optimise energy usage, decrease carbon emissions and reduce water usage in our business operations.

As we construct and upgrade our stores, we continue to explore sustainable construction standards such as LED lights installation and operation improvements, and we make active recommendation’s to supply partners to do the same.


Packaging, recycling and waste is committed to implementing initiatives to reduce packaging, minimise waste from landfill, promote recycling and support circular economy schemes. Our top priority is to explore opportunities to reduce our overall impacts of ourbusiness operations and supply chain by encouraging the recycling of packaging materials.


Ethical sourcing is committed to offering customers products that are sourced and produced ethically and responsibly. We have a well-established sourcing program to ensure workers’ rights, and we continuously improve our social practices within ouroperations and supply chain. Our Ethical Sourcing Policy outlines our minimum requirements to do business with, and embraces the principles of the Ethical Trade Initiative and internationally accepted labour standards of the International Labour Organisation. Tools.comexpects its suppliers share and demonstrate the same commitment to ethical sourcing practices, and that they have management systems in place to achieve and maintain compliance within their supply chain and operations.



We are conscious of our environmental impact and continue to work towards doing better by exploring and choosing more sustainable recycled materials where possible, and limiting waste created as part of our operations. Our assessment of environmental impacts are embedded and considered into product design to ensure longevity, durability, lifecycle of products, minimisation of water and energy resources, reduction of material waste and wastewater discharge and chemical intensive processes. This includes reducing product packaging, as well as encouraging re-use and recycle, andproviding appropriate disposal information