Toolguard Theft Protection

Toolguard s a program of low-cost theft protection for your tools and products that you own. Toolguard protects you against theft of your tools or stock from locked vehicles or premises.

If you ever need to make a claim, the team is working to get things sorted and have you back in business with minimum downtime - We will take the pain out of the process for you.

At the premium level, we can also attempt to get you sorted within 24 hours when we can. Toolguard manages the expense of having to replace tools or stock and does all the work for you. If you haven’t taken a Toolguard plan with the purchase of your tools you can start for as low as $10 a month and build a plan that looks after your tools and products, you can also include your mobile phone.

Rapid application and fast service is what you need for your claims - Toolguard is here to action this for you.