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When it comes to plaster tools, a plaster trowel is definitely one of the most important of all. A plastering tool needs to be high quality in order to produce a smooth finish. In fact, many of those in the plastering trade believe that a plastering trowel or plastering tool is the single most important of any needed for the job.

The days of applying horse hair plaster are long gone, but there are still many uses for plaster in both residential and commercial buildings. The modern method of plastering uses thick coats of very high strength gypsum plaster over expanded wire lath. This method creates surfaces that are vastly superior to drywall in quality, durability, and the ability to straighten crooked framing. The negative about this plastering system is that it is labor intensive and quite pricey.

Many people opt for the skim coat method of plastering which creates the same beautiful look for a fraction of the price of the method noted above. Whichever you choose, you will need a plasterers trowel that is a flat stainless steel finishing trowel. has a great selection of plastering tools at low prices, available for you to shop and buy online 24/7 with straight to your door delivery in a flash!

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