The battery powered ACX POWERED ASCENDER is a motorised system to provide the transport of personnel or loads to areas that are difficult to access and where occasional or recurring work is carried out.

The device is supplied with a handheld remote control with a range up to 150mt.

The ACX POWER ASCENDER considerably simplifies and accelerates work on complex structures and makes expensive access systems or lifting platforms superfluous, creating a highly flexible system for easy, cost-efficient cleaning or maintenance.

The ACX POWERED ASCENDER is used, among other things, for cleaning facades or windows, for the maintenance of complex building structures, for wind turbine blade maintenance or for transporting loads on towers and masts.

Countless rescue scenarios can also be carried out efficiently and with minimum effort with the ACX POWERED ASCENDER.

The ACX POWER ASCENDER KIT is supplied inside an Impact resistant PVC
storage case. The kit contains
1) ACX power ascender.
2) Remote control unit.
3) Two batteries.
4) Battery charger.
5) Left & right hand functioning alloy tri-lock carabiner

SKU AI-11-018 + AP-19-031
Model # AI-11-018 + AP-19-031
Brand Skylotec
Type Workplace Safety

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