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What is a Thicknesser Planer?

A thicknesser planer is most commonly referred to in the UK and Australia as a thicknesser. In North America, it is simply called a planer. A thicknesser planer is a woodworking machine used to create boards that are of an even thickness throughout their length, as well as being flat and level on their upper surfaces.

Thicknesser planers are used to plane wood such as timber to the desired thickness you need. In the days before power tools, craftsman and laborers used hand held thicknesser wood planers to do this and it was a long, exhausting job!

Now hand planning has been automated and tools like jointers and thicknessers are used to automate the process of squaring and leveling wood stock for use in projects. The addition of a motor to the thicknesser blades makes for an easier task with a much more professional finish. Exact dimensions can be achieved by these compact machines which are mounted on a frame that is usually adjustable. Feed rollers assist in supporting the timber and preventing snipe as long lengths of timber pass through the equipment.

The thicknesser blades are mounted on a high speed drum and are either centrifugal or magnetic in operation, with various power settings and features that determine their range of operation. has a fine assortment of planers of superior quality, from famous brands such as Metabo, DeWalt and Makita thicknessers. Check out our range of available thicknessers for sale, some of which include chip and dust ejection systems for cleaner operation.

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