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Professional Tile Cutters and Accessories

One of the most necessary, time saving tools on the market is a good tile cutter. With a variety of features ranging from laser guides to grinder attachments, you need to ensure you find the perfect product that will fit your needs.

A manual tile cutter provides a clean cut that ensures a straight line on the majority of tiles used, including wall and floor ceramic and porcelain tile cutters. The precision required when cutting tiles is paramount. If a tile cutter lacks precision then there is the risk of damaging the tile, rendering it scrap.

Tools.com carry a range of tile cutters for sale, as well as associated tile cutter blades, wheels, parts and accessories, from manufacturers DTA and ProAmp. These units are designed to cut all types of wall and floor tiles. We also carry spare cutting wheels for Sigma tile cutters and tungsten carbide cutting wheels for the ProAmp machines.

Our best selling ProAmp tile cutters include:

- ProAmp 600mm Professional Tile Cutter with Laser Guide

- ProAmp 400mm Trade Tough Tile Cutter

- Proamp Professional Tile Cutter with Grinder Attachment

Essential for Renovation Projects

Tiles are often thought of as being the most luxurious and attractive option for walls and floors in the kitchen and the bathroom. Often, to quickly and effectively spruce up a room, home improvement specialists, DIY decorators and builders turn to replacing the tiles with more modern and striking editions. This is where the benefits of a quality tile cutter come into play. Making the job far easier, it can quickly and efficiently re-size tiles to the exact dimensions required to fit the corners or edges of the room in order to achieve a professional finish.

Tile cutters are safe and easy to use, as long as the necessary safety precautions are followed. A professional cutter will be a great advantage for quickly and effectively laying down new tiles in a renovation project. Rather than hire a tile cutter, consider purchasing one easily online from Tools.com.

The majority of cutters promote ease of use, particularly those that are manual. The ‘score and snap’ method that tile cutters are predominantly known for is simple and safe. This method works by placing a tile against the measurement arm in a firm and secure position. Score the tile by pulling the cutting wheel down onto the tile in a firm and swift motion. The tile will then be snapped by pushing the handle towards the base.

After a few trial runs to practice, you will be efficient and effective at cutting tiles in no time.

What elements should quality tile cutters include?

A good tile cutter should have a number of features that will ensure ease of use as well as safety for the user. These include:

• A replaceable cutting wheel

• A good view of the cutting line

• A stable base for optimum safety

• A swivelling measuring bar, removable for ease of transport

• Adjustment mechanisms to allow variance and accuracy in cutting.

The maintenance aspect is fairly simple; it is important to remember to keep the steel guide rod clean. This will ensure precision in your cutting, even after extended periods of use.

Choosing the perfect cutter for your tiling needs comes down to understanding a few of the key points outlined above.

If you wish to learn more about cutters available, then simply contact the team at Tools.com who will be more than happy to assist you with any questions or queries you may have prior to purchasing any product.

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