TRI-POWER is Australia’s premium choice spark plugs, manufactured to the highest OEM quality tested and approved standards. The range includes Premium Platinum and Iridium varieties.

Engineered with simple installation in mind, all pre-gap set so no adjustments are required!

Excellent durability, providing double service life, improved mileage, enhanced acceleration and holds a high strength insulator that prevents leakage and ensures correct electricity flow.

TRI-POWER spark plugs are corrosion resistant and have high performance, super fine tipped centre electrodes for greater ignitability, idle stability, easier starts in cold weather, lower emissions and reduced stress on other ignition system components.

Both Premium Platinum and Iridium range part numbers are designed to suit a broad array of vehicles, covering 95% of the Australian car park!

TRI-POWER iridium spark plugs are manufactured and tested to the highest
OEM approved quality standards that are specified by many automobile industrialists throughout the world.

All TRI-POWER iridium spark plugs are manufactured with an iridium alloy
centre electrode and platinum ground for exceptional longevity and reliability.

If a metal is exposed to a temperature greater than its oxidation point, the
erosion rate quickly increases.

Iridium presents a remarkable robustness with regards to the product lifespan. It has a better wear resistance and service yield due to the higher melting point and offers a greater resilience.

The use of precious metals decreases the electrode size which in turn, increases the service life.

Consequently, this product has performance capabilities better than any other.

During manufacture all TRI-POWER components are tested for bending
resistance, hot leakage, impact strength, resistor durability, thermal cycling and leakage, torque strength, vibration and weld flash.

TRI-POWER iridium spark plugs embrace quality and endurance. They come with a 2 year Manufacturer Warranty.

$10 Flat Shipping Australia Wide! Order as many Tri-Power Spark Plugs as you want and only pay $10 for postage!


CHEVROLET Camaro 5th Generation 6.2 6.2L V8 OHV L99/LS3 Build date: 13-14

CHEVROLET Corvette C6 Model Series 6.2 6.2L V8 OHV LS3 Build date: 13

HOLDEN (GMH) Calais 8 Cyl. VF 6.2L V8 OHV LS3 Build date: 10/15-on

HOLDEN (GMH) Caprice 8 cyl. WN 6.2L V8 OHV LS3 Build date: 10/15-on

HOLDEN (GMH) Commodore 8 cyl. VF 6.2L V8 OHV LS3 Build date: 10/15-on

Model # TPX033
Barcode # 9323129056125
Type Auto Part
Product Type Auto Part

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