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Welding Helmets: An Important Piece of Safety Equipment

To reduce the risk of injuries in the workplace, welding helmets should be worn at all welding operation sites. Essential safety equipment, they do a great job of cutting down on workplace accidents and should be an important part of your protective gear.

Welding helmets are safety head gear that shield and protect the operator from injury. They greatly reduce the risk of accidents and help protect the eyes, neck and face from the sometimes invisible but always harmful heat, ultraviolet or infrared rays and sparks associated with welding jobs.

Every welding helmet is made up of a tough, protective head casing with a visor window that allows the welder to see their work area. Helmets should be assessed on the quality of this lens shade, or window, and the clarity of view it affords. Consideration should also be taken as to the comfort and functionality of the headgear.

Evolving Technology

Old fashioned welding helmets had lens shades that were lowered while the wearer was welding. They were then lifted up between welds. This inconvenient way of protecting the eyes during a welding job caused delays and difficulty when working in cramped places, such as beneath a vehicle.

Nowadays, welding helmets have been greatly improved in design and user-friendliness so that a wearer is able to tackle jobs with a lot more comfort and efficiency.

The lens shade is perhaps the most critical piece of a welding helmet, with the darkness range or rating needing to be in direct correspondence to the output of energy from your welding torch. Choose a fixed eye shade, or a passive helmet, if you always work with the same types of metal and welding torch amperage. When using a wide range of materials and energy outputs, however, a variable lens shade will prove more protection since the technology in these special auto-darkening welding helmet lenses adjusts according to the job being undertaken.

For the important protection of your eyes, face and neck, you require a high quality welding helmet that has the features you need based on how you intend to use it.

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