Bench Grinders

For hand grinding, sharpening and rough shaping, a bench grinder is a useful addition to any machine shop or workshop, private or commercial. As opposed to hand held grinders, they stand conveniently ready on the benchtop for hands-free use to grind at the flick of a switch. Simply position the item for grinding at the appropriate angle to the wheel and keep it moving to avoid overheating. Where overheating is a concern, a water cooled bench grinder is an asset, complete with a water trough for coolant collection underneath the wheel.

The abrasive grinding wheels can be replaced with wire brush wheels or buffing wheels for cleaning, polishing and deburring any metal object. Other wheel options include japanese waterstone discs and leather honing wheels. carry bench grinders, industrial bench grinders and also double grinders that have two abrasive wheels. They also stock pedestal mounted machines which have bench grinder stands that can be bolted to the floor or mounted on rubber feet. Sharpening systems, stone truing tools and drill sharpeners are also included in this category, as well as replacement main shafts for bench grinders.

Bench grinder brand names sold and supported include Tormek, Linishall, Makita, Metabo, White International, Kincrome and Abbott & Ashby.

Multiple jigs and attachments are available for use with any bench grinder and stock a good selection including scissors, knife and axe jigs, small knife holders and a long thin knife jig. There is also a square edge jig and a gouge jig with turning cutters. For general use, the multi-tool attachment come in handy, and there is a specialist bench grinder linisher attachment.

Stone graders are available for keeping the grit finish of the bench grinder wheels effective, helping to make them last even longer.

With a wide selection of tools, jigs and attachments, makes sure that you get the perfect bench grinder for your DIY or professional job.