When you start looking around to buy electric grinders, you will discover that there are various types of these handy power tools. You should purchase the grinder that best serves your needs.

Here are the 3 basic types of electric grinders you are likely to see when browsing:

Angle Grinders

Die Grinders

Bench Grinders

An angle grinder, which may also be referred to as a side grinder or disc grinder, is a handheld power tool that is used for cutting, polishing and grinding. Angle grinders usually have an adjustable guard and a side handle for two handed operation. Some angle grinders can also be used as sanders. Popular brands include DeWalt and Makita angle grinders.

A die grinder is a handheld rotary tool that is used to sand, grind, hone, machine or polish material, usually metal but also plastic or wood. Their name came from the original use of the tool which was by craftsmen who were manufacturing dies and moulds, before the days of computer controlled machines. Electric die grinders are most commonly lighter versions of the grinding tool and are usually called rotary tools. Pneumatic, or air die grinders, are also available for heavier duty applications.

A bench grinder is a type of bench top grinding machine that is used to drive abrasive wheels. These types of grinders are most often used to grind cutting tools and to and do other rough grinding jobs. Bench grinders come with single or double wheels or as purpose-designed sharpening systems with multi-tool attachments. Accessories are available, online, such as a bench grinder stand and specialist bench grinder linisher attachment, polishing or grinding wheels. has all three types of electric grinders made by famous brands known for high quality such as, Makita, Metabo, Fein Tools, DeWalt, Trademaster, White International and Abbot & Ashby.

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