Bolt Cutters

The Best Bolt Cutters Available

There are some jobs that would be difficult to accomplish without a trusty pair of bolt cutters.

The first thing that might spring to mind when you think of bolt cutters is cutting a padlock you've lost the key to, but there are many other applications, as well. Sometimes referred to as bolt croppers, these handy hand tools are used for cutting bar, chains, wire mesh, rebar and bolts.

Originally, bolt cutters were used to cut bolt seals from shipping containers once they reached their final destination. Now, they are readily available for everyone to have a pair in their toolbox, ergonomically designed, with rubber handles for gripping firmly and ensuring comfortable operation. Just don't forget to order safety goggles and work gloves, too, for picking up the sharp edges after cutting.

Normally, a bolt cutter will have long handles, short blades and powerful compound hinges that maximize leverage and cutting force. Check their cutting capacity, which may be quoted in terms of Hardness measurement Rockwell/Brinell or kg/mm² or tons/ and ensure it is adequate for cutting the material you are going to be working with. Make sure they have the jaw size you require and that the jaws are adjustable and replaceable to maintain optimal performance. only stock tools from the best manufacturers, so we offer Knipex, Harden, Kincrome, Ox Group and HIT bolt cutters, as well as Irwin bolt cutters.

Different models may have adaptations for more specific purposes, for example heavy, Knipex mini bolt cutters and the popular Irwin Record Bolt Cutters. The best pair, though, is the one that suits your needs exactly, so have a look at our wide selection online today. has just what you need if you are in the market for bolt cutters!