Cable & Wire Cutters

Cable and wire cutters are tools that are a necessary part of a tool box or work shop and come in handy in a slew of situations across various industries. Electricians, building contractors and communications experts all require wire cutting tools on site on a daily basis. Even on small DIY projects around the home, wires and cables often need to be cut. Whatever the application, they need to be cut on the first click!

Professional cutting equipment works first time, every time. There is a wide range of cable and wire cutters, nippers and pliers available, many customised to specific tasks and applications. The cabling or wiring that needs to be cut may be made of copper, steel, aluminium, brass or even iron. Heavy duty wire cutters may be needed, for example for steel rope and sometimes the operation requires the cutting tool to have insulated handles.

All brand names famous for great cutting equipment are represented in the range: HIT, Milwaukee, Kincrome, Erdi and Knipex wire cutters.

Specialist cutters include those for electronic engineers and electricians, i.e. electrical stripping shears and insulation strippers, cable cutters and shears. Often insulation strippers use jaws that are angled on the diagonal to allow for closer, cleaner cuts. Optional extras include crimpers and cable locators. Some insulation stripping tools are automatic, whereas an insulated cable knife, or dismantling knife, is a hand held tool.

Heavy duty wire cutters include wire rope cutters, those for cutting ASCR cables and 1000V cable strippers. Where necessary, for cutting underground cables, a wireless remote tool is available.

Other custom cutting equipment available includes combination shears, pocket cutters, angular cutters, mitre shears, pruning shears and specially designed snips that will cut concrete mesh.

Telescopic handles and an internal opening spring for comfort and ease of use are common additional features to cutting equipment.

Whatever the application, has a tool that will cut to requirements. Replacement jaws are also stocked for popular lines. provides the convenience of shopping 24/7 online and speedy delivery, along with low prices on thousands of high quality products.

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