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Specialist Circlip Pliers

When you have a fiddly C-clip or snap ring to insert or remove, you'll need your trusty circlip pliers. Similar to standard pliers, they are specially designed to deal with small, fiddly objects much better than your fingers can!

For economy, most of these tools can be adapted for handling internal or external clips, with a little reassembly of the jaws. If frequently used, however, it is obviously best to have dedicated versions for each application. stock the popular brand Knipex circlip pliers in a full range of external and internal tools, straight, bent or flag tipped, in the range from 130mm to large models at 570mm. We also carry the popular 8 piece Knipex circlip pliers set of precision tools that provides great value.

In our other main line, Kincrome circlip pliers, we offer both internal and external options, all with PVC grips. They can be purchased with various sized tips, ranging from 10mm to 50mm, at various angles of 90, 180 or 45 degrees.

Sets in 270mm and 400mm of Kincrome heavy duty circlip pliers offer the benefit of interchangeable tips, all packed in a sturdy blow moulded case, ready to take anywhere. These sets are ideal for industrial applications where standard tools are either too small or not strong enough for the given application. What is more, they have an integrated ratchet feature which is very useful in that it maintains the tension on the circlip, allowing you to insert or remove the clip more easily without it jumping off.

Regardless of whether you need them to use on your home projects or as industrial work tools, you can be sure of finding a great selection of high quality products at low prices from Start saving time and money now by shopping for tools online with us.

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