Circular Saws

One of the most commonly used tools in on-site fabrication and construction, circular saws are an indispensable asset for the professional and amateur alike. The modern circular saw features a robust and compact design that makes it easy to use while still delivering the essential power you need for a clean and reliable cut.

The toothed metal cutting disc of the circular saw features tungsten carbide tipped (TCT) blades to make easy work of cutting hardwoods, chipboard, plywood, OSB (oriented strand board) and more. Blades can be readily changed to cope with masonry, plastic and even sheet metal, making the circular saw a versatile companion for any toolkit.

Alongside blade choice, the typical circular saw carries adjustment and control options to refine the cut that you need to perform.

Features to look out for include:

  • edge guides, which help to maintain an arrow-straight facing edge down long boards;
  • a laser-light guide to display the cutting line down the length of the piece;
  • depth adjustment to limit the penetration of each cut with consistency (essential when cutting ‘blind’ into existing fitted structures);
  • a tilting bed to alter the blade’s cutting angle to suit your preference for the job at hand. Check for units that feature positive stops at common cutting angles.

Some models of circular saw also feature a variable speed option to optimise and set cutting speeds according to the material being cut.

Smart saws eject the sawdust backwards, keeping your cut line clear and dust-free for more comfortable operation. Many models come equipped with a dust collection bag which can substituted for a vacuum hose for extra-clean operation.

A circular saw is usually hand held. For some applications it may be mounted on a table or bench to function as a table saw or chop saw. Here at we carry a comprehensive range of circular saws and are happy to discuss your individual needs to find the best tool for your job.

A popular Circular Saw is the Dewalt circular saw

Safety Features

While it is obvious how to use a circular saw, making sure you use it safely is of paramount importance. Each of the tools we stock is designed with safety in mind, but here are some of the beneficial features that you may wish to look out for when considering purchase of your circular saw.

Your circular saw should have a comfortable and ergonomic non-slip rubberised grip for ease of use and stable control of the tool. Check for a positive trigger switch that utilises soft-start electronic operation and provides overload protection in the unlikely event that a blade becomes snagged.

Retractable blade guards should be sufficiently sprung to operate smoothly when retracting the circular saw. Some models may also feature a mechanical brake which helps to help stop the blade quickly if necessary.

Blade replacement on most circular saws is a relatively painless operation, but check on ease of blade replacement, particularly if your work involves moving between substrates where fast interchangeability is going to be a useful requirement.

It is often advisable to purchase your circular saw with guide rails, or tracks, that will help regulate your sawing and prevent miscutting or accidents. offer several circular saw value sets that include batteries, chargers and tracks, some packed in a handy carry case.

We carry well known and trusted brands of circular saws by Makita, Milwaukee, DeWalt, Metabo, Stanley and HiKOKI.

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