Imex Laser Levels

Essential Laser Levels

On the construction site, it is the laser levels and digital levelling equipment that is responsible for ensuring that everything goes to plan, literally. High quality laser levels are essential, needing to perform consistently and accurately under all conditions.

With efficient technology that is easy to use, laser levels reduce the number of tradesmen required on site, allowing one or two people to perform tasks that previously needed a whole gang of helpers. Self-levelling technology and remote control operation are features that assist with getting the job done quicker and more efficiently with less labour. These units are now smaller, too, and more affordable, increasing the capability of smaller operations and improving their end results. offer several types of laser levels for sale, each the most advanced in its class. They are manufactured by Imex, a world leader in linear measuring and laser levels.

Line Lasers

For indoor work, these units transmit a vertical or horizontal line, or lines, onto the required surfaces for levelling and aligning. For outdoor use, they can transmit up to 50m using pulsed light, self-adjusting using a light detector for daylight or lighter conditions.

Dot Lasers

Best for indoor use, dot lasers provide information for making things level, square or plumb. The projected dots indicate positioning information for partitioning, lighting, irrigation and other fittings and equipment setups.

Rotating Laser Levels

Rotating laser levels produce a plane of light over long distances that can be picked up by a detector mounted onto or built in to a graduated staff. This ensures that a level pervades over the complete construction site, whether it is a flat or sloping gradient, according to plan. Larger models may be machine mounted. Other features included self-levelling and remote control operation.

Pipe Lasers

Fully immersible, water and dustproof, these rugged pipe laser units can handle long ranges and large gradients. With a selection of attachable feet, used to set them up in a variety of pipe sizes, no drainage specialist should be without one of these tools.

Auto Levels

Very accurate magnetic damping compensators keep these auto levels stable on site. Fully water resistant, they have sealed metal casings and stands, providing reliable magnification of 28x or 32x in all weather conditions.

Control Receivers

Several receiver models are available, according to range and accuracy requirements, most detecting both red and green beams. Compact receivers can be used as standalone detectors on a staff or larger units mounted as machine control receivers on excavators, graders, dozers, bobcats or scrapers, according to requirements.

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