Specialists in reality capture, surveying and engineering equipment, Leica have been supporting professionals with measurement equipment for almost 200 years. Their precise and accurate instruments are backed by trusted technology and a reputation for delivering value.

As world leaders in spatial measurement, the company's Swiss engineered tools can be seen contributing to the shaping of changes in the everyday environment.

Lasers, Scanners and Levels

In general construction, as well as many specific applications, Leica Geosystems lasers operate as scanners and levels in the 3D environment. The Leica Piper 200 pipe laser includes a patented targeting system for accuracy in repeatability. Auto correction and self-levelling features make this an even more valuable piece of equipment from an efficiency point of view, as well as the fact that it will fit inside a 100mm / 4 inch pipe.

The Leica Sprinter 150M electronic laser level and the Automatic Level 30 x optical zoom NA730 are two other best selling levels in our comprehensive range of geophysical levelling equipment.

Branded as DISTO™ and Lino, the laser measuring and automatic line and point levelling tools are greatly in demand from Tools.com. Valued as comprehensive and robust products, this range meets the high precision demands of the modern worksite.

The self-levelling Leica Rugby rotating lasers bring the highest accuracy and efficiency to levelling, aligning and squaring applications. A popular range, the Rugby rotating laser level, provides a simple, inexpensive solution to levelling for formwork, footings and foundations. Switching to manual allows the tool to take single slope measures for landscaping or levelling driveways and parking areas. Models carried by Tools.com include the Leica Rugby 620, 680, 640, 610 and 280.

The range's Rod-Eye receiver provides fast, digital readout for convenient, on site height checking. Different accuracy settings across the range allow cost-effective selection of the appropriate receiver required for the application.

Tools.com offer a wide range of Leica survey accessories, including target plates and tripods like the GST05 in polymer-coated wood or aluminium, as well as heavy duty tripod options.

Make Swiss Leica Geosystems your partners in productivity on site with a purchase from Tools.com Australia.