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Looking for a Pipe Bender?

For making a bend in piping, a pipe bender is the obvious choice! Used to form angles and curves, this equipment relies on leverage and can be a manual hand tool, mechanical or power assisted.

Pipe Bender Design

Most commonly used for bending plumbing and electrical pipes or conduit, Tools.com stock several portable benders, general purpose models and also internal and external spring benders. They also stock a 12 ton hydraulic pipe bender, as well as a heavy duty automotive model. We supply only top quality equipment from the renowned manufacturers Irwin and Kincrome.

Bending tube or steel pipes with a bender often alleviates the need for a fitting, making an installation cheaper and quicker and avoiding the chance of leaks if done properly. The key to doing it properly, apart from using a good copper or steel pipe bender, is to bend the pipe without any buckling or flattening of the cross section, or any crimping at the bend that may cause the pipe to weaken or crack. To do this takes skill, good quality piping, and the right tool for the job, chosen from our range of products from reputable manufacturers.

With a portable pipe bender, the pipe is always bent around a former, or shoe, that also serves as a gauge to indicate the bend angle. When the handles of the tool are pulled, a roller forces the pipe around the former and it is then pushed into the required shape and angle by squeezing the handles together.

Another manual way to bend small steel pipes is to use a spring. This can be inserted into the pipe or around the outside of the pipe while it is bent into shape. Tools.com stocks several sizes of spring pipe benders. These can also be used in conjunction with regular formers and benders to help keep the shape of the pipe during bending.

Whatever piping you need to bend, for Do It Yourself projects or industrial use, you can be sure of finding a great selection of high quality pipe benders at low prices from Tools.com.