Random Orbital Sanders

The Best of Both Worlds - a Random Orbital Sander

Although a slightly more specialised hand held power tool, you will still have some jobs or projects that require the use of a random orbital sander. When this happens, it is much better to have your own quality brand sander than to search for orbital sander hire.

Sometimes referred to as eccentric sanders, orbital sanders were first introduced in the 1990s. Electric or air powered, they caught on immediately and were soon extremely popular and widely in demand. Random orbital sanders offer the best of all possible sanding worlds by combining the speed and aggressive action of a belt sander with the ability to provide a much smoother and finer finish than that obtained by using a standard orbital sander.

Removing material efficiently and smoothly over large surfaces, orbital sander discs are available in various levels of abrasiveness. Moving in tiny circles, they remove stock material whilst delivering a very smooth surface finish. They do not leave swirl marks and the random movement means that the disc doesn't ever take the same path so there is never a problem with the grain of the wood causing uneven wear while sanding.

A dust extraction system can be attached as an add-on, making your orbital sanding task cleaner and easier. A vacuum system is used to suck the dust up through holes in the sanding discs into a hose or bag for disposal. Immediate uptake of the dust, leaves the work piece clear and also prevents overheating of the contact surfaces.

Tools.com has a range of sanders including random orbital sanders, palm sanders and electric sanders from such well known brands as:

  • Makita
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  • Metabo
  • DeWalt
  • Milwaukee
  • Stanley


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