Saw Benches |

Saw benches are an integral part of any workshop or job site where construction and building is underway.

Essential tools, benches built to take saws are needed for nearly all woodworking jobs, including tasks your plain old saw horse wouldn't be up to in many instances. The top part of the bench is the thing that makes the biggest difference. Sawhorses usually have a long, slim top which means that they can't ordinarily support anything on their own, but the usual measurements of these benches at the top are approximately seven inches. Think how useful this could be when you are using an electric motor driven circular saw blade that is movable and you need to be cutting angles! Using these benches, it is possible to cut wood at various depths, with a sturdy saw, which is virtually impossible when you are using a sawhorse.

Saw benches have to be extremely sturdy. They should also be well built and of good quality materials and workmanship to prevent slippage and possible collapse due to the size, shape, weight and/or thickness of the wood you will be cutting. When purchasing for use with circular saws, the same principles apply. You need to be sure that your benches has:

  • A guard, which is positioned over the saw blade parallel with the table top
  • A height adjustable guard
  • Angular displacement settings relative to the table tops for angular, parallel and cross cutting jobs
  • A protective panel to protect the operator’s fingers

Mitre saws require well built and designed saw benches, too. Mitre saws, which are sometimes referred to as chop saws, are used for precise cross-cuts and compound angles. Benches with left and right side long tables will help to keep the material that is being cut level and in line with the mitre saw blade. Portable benches are commercially available for use with mitre saws on job sites away from the workshop.

A bench top band saw is yet another reason why you should have good saw benches. You literally cannot perform high quality work with band saws without using properly purpose-designed benches. With the wrong cutting surface, you will experience blades that flutter and flex and wander all over the place, plus binding and barrel cuts. Good support makes a big difference because you have a sturdy work surface on both sides of the saw.

Good benches can make your cutting jobs much easier and safer, to boot. Check out our fine selection of high quality options. can save you big money on premium quality saw benches so visit today!