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Check out our Professional Packages for clean, dry compressed air at the lowest overall cost. Packages comprises a screw air compressor, vertical air receiver, refrigerant dryer and two stages of filtration. This smart, energy saving solution helps meet demand for compressed air in the most cost-effective way.

How does a screw air compressor work?

The working principle of rotary screw type air compressors is that air is drawn in through an intake port and its volume reduced between two meshing helical screws, or rotors, before release as compressed air. The rotary action of the screw means that air compression is continuous, unlike reciprocating or piston compressors. This is useful for large industrial applications and heavy duty pneumatic tools.

Compressor efficiency requires close tolerances between the rotors and compressor walls to allow efficient sealing of the compression chamber. Increased rotation reduces the effect of leakage but continuous, high speed operation requires a good cooling system which is an essential component of any screw air compressor.

GetTools Direct carries the Senator range of models that includes electric units and mini, or small screw air compressors for portability. Construction compressors are often fitted onto trailers, or truck mounted, for mobile use on site with jack hammers, pumps, riveters, sand blasters and other pneumatic tools.

Since they usually run smoothly, with little vibration, screw air compressors can be either base mounted or tank mounted, depending on requirements. Base mounting kits are available on the website for in-situ installations.

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